Image of 5 Cool Power Automate Templates to Simplify Your Workday.

5 Power Automate Templates to Simplify Your Workday

Josh Logozar
Josh Logozar
June 30, 2021

We have been creating our custom Flows over the weeks, but templates are here to save us! Make it easier than ever to implement automation into your daily work life.

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Over the last few months, we have gone over a few different Flows to build such as building an issue tracker, creating planner task from an email, and booking time in your calendar with a simple click of a button. For each one of these, we built them from scratch, but one of the amazing features of Microsoft 365 is that they have so many different templates that we can use, including Power Automate templates.

A Power Automate template is a pre-created Flow that will allow you to automate a process in minutes, and only having to point it at the pieces that you want automated. Here are a few examples of templates that you can setup to simplify your workday.

1. Get a Push Notification When You Receive an Email from Your Boss

Image of a flow template for "Get a push notification when you receive an email from your boss".
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Missing an email from your boss can be a nerve-racking moment. We have all been there, working hard on something, an email comes in, and we just simply ignore it. We will get back to it eventually.

Now, we can be notified when it is our boss, and should probably be looked at immediately. This Flow will automatically set everything up, as long as your manager has been assigned in the Azure Active Directory.

2. Follow Up on a Message

Image of a flow template for "Follow up on a message".
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Are you having an extra busy day, and get messages you can’t commit to answering right away? This Flow is for you!

All you would need to do is click on the message, go to your “…” then “More actions” and select “Follow up on message”. You then just select the amount of time before you are notified, and when that time has elapsed you will receive a notification to follow up on that message. This one also requires no set up, so go put it in your Flows now.

3. When the Status of a Task in Planner Changes to Complete, Notify a Channel

Image of a flow template for "When the status of a task in Planner changes to complete, notify a channel".
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Communication across your team is important, but we can have those who aren’t always up to date on what’s going on with Planner. This is a Flow if you have someone that isn’t always up to date when a project is completed.

This flow will simply send a message to the channel, and say that the status is complete. Simple, easy, and all you need to do is select the team that Planner is on, which Planner you want it to monitor, which team to notify, and which channel you want it in. Boom, no one will ever question if that project is done again.

4. Post a Welcome Message When a User Joins a Team

Image of a flow template for "Post a welcome message when a user joins a team".
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Being brought on to a new team can be a scary experience for some, whether it be that you are new, you are new to the team, or you just have never been in the chat. It can be overwhelming! We can be that nice friendly face that posts a welcome message when someone new is added, and we don’t need to put much effort in.

To set this up, select the Team to monitor, and which channel you want to post the message in.

5. Get Updates from the Power Automate Blog

Image of a flow template for "Get updates from the Power Automate blog".
Try this template

Now, staying on top of the Power Automate blog is how you can look like a true rock star! This will provide you an email notification when a new blog post comes from the Power Automate team, so you can always be aware of what’s new, and what is coming down the pipeline.

More Templates to Play with

Now that you can implement Power Automate Flows in a few minutes, go check out the Templates in your Power Automate, and see which ones can save you a few minutes every day, and can make your life a little easier. If you have an idea of something that you want to automate, but not sure how to do it, reach out to us and we can see what we can do to help out!

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