Image of reusing components in Microsoft Word using Quick Parts.

Create Reusable Components in Word using Quick Parts

Josh Logozar
Josh Logozar
September 18, 2020

Writing the same thing over and over can be a tedious process. Let's take a look at how we can use Microsoft Word's Quick Parts feature to speed up your document creation process.

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Like many other users, you probably need to send the same text over and over, whether it be sending directions, emails that may contain similar content or even just a report to your boss. These feel like they can be tedious and frustrating to get to, especially if they are long-winded. Quick Parts is here to get rid of these annoyances. Quick Parts is a feature added into Microsoft Word that allows you to build a gallery of reusable parts to insert into your document.

How to create a Quick Part

Creating a quick part in Microsoft Word is a fast and easy process. The first step is to select the text that you will want to save as a building block. Just highlight the section that you want to be saved. Next, you simply click on Insert > Quick Parts > Auto Text > Save Selection to AutoText Gallery

Screenshot of Quick Parts options in Microsoft Word.

You will then get a text box that you can use to set a few categories. The most important one when you are just starting to use Quick Parts is the Name. This will allow you to use your building blocks with a simple click of a button.

How to use Quick Parts in Word

Simply pick the building block that you want to insert. Position your cursor where you want to have your building block, then click Insert > Quick Parts > AutoText > select the building block that you would like to use.

Screenshot of Quick Parts options in Microsoft Word.

If you were looking to  put it elsewhere, if you right-click the selection, you will get a list of places that it can be placed. This includes: Insert at Current Document Position, Insert at Page Header, Insert at Page Footer, Insert at Beginning of Section, Insert at End of Section, Insert at Beginning of Document, or Insert at End of Document.

This allows you to format your document without having to click around to get it positioned perfectly.

Screenshot of AutoText menu in Microsoft Word.

Editing your Quick Part

Let’s look at how to edit the name of your building block. All you need to do, is click back into your Insert > Quick Parts > AutoText, and then right click on the one you want in your gallery.

Once you have right-clicked, select edit properties, and you can then change its name to whatever you would like.

Screenshot of AutoText menu options in Microsoft Word.

Now, if you want to edit the content, it becomes just a touch more difficult. You need to paste the building block that you would like to change, and then save it under the same name as before.

Reference above for how to save your quick part. It will ask you if you would like to redefine the quick part, and you simply click yes, and poof! Your changes are complete.

Deleting your Quick Parts

Deleting quick parts is a quick and easy process. All it requires is clicking on Insert > Quick Part > Building Blocks Organizer.

Screenshot of Quick Parts options in Microsoft Word.

Once the listing is pulled up, select the Building block that you would like to delete, click Delete, and then confirm by clicking Yes.

Screenshot of Building Blocks Organizer options in Microsoft Word.

I hope that using Quick Parts can save you time and effort. It is an incredible tool to use for when you are form writing, or something that you need to write numerous times.

Check out our next article to learn how to use Quick Parts in Outlook.

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