Image of How to Create a Frequently Asked Questions list in a SharePoint site.

How to create an FAQ for Your SharePoint Site

Josh Logozar
Josh Logozar
September 2, 2021

Frequently Asked Questions can be an important grouping of information. Let’s make an FAQ list, that has an accordion style menu, and put it on our SharePoint Site.

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SharePoint intranet sites can allow for quite a bit of communication across your entire organization. Normally this is where you would house your employee handbook and any other company information that you would want to spread to your organization. One of the more common pieces that organizations have are FAQs. Today, we are going to create an accordion-style FAQ, which you can then place on your SharePoint site.

Image of an FAQ list on a SharePoint Site page.

Creating Your List

The first step is to create your list. We have touched base on this in our manage and collaborate using SharePoint Online, so we are just going to quickly go over this. The list that we are creating is going to have two simple columns: Question, and answer. The first thing we will do is go to our site that we would like to add this as well, and click "New" then click "List".

Image of creating a new list in a SharePoint Site.

We are going to create a blank list, and make sure that we are naming it FAQ. Once you have that finished up, you will get your blank list. The first thing we are going to need to do is to rename the Title column that is there by default. Click on the dropdown and select "Column settings", then "Rename".

Image of renaming a list column in a SharePoint Site.

We are going to rename this to Question, then we are going to add a column that is multiple lines of text, and call this our Answers. Your list should look like this:

Image of a list header in a SharePoint Site.

Creating a Grouped View

Now that we have our list ready, we now just need to create a grouped view. The grouped view is going to group the list by the question column, and allow us to create the accordion-style that we are looking for. Grouping can also be used if there is multiple answers to a single question. To start, we are going to go to our gear icon, and select list settings.

Image of the List Settings menu in a SharePoint Site.

At the bottom of the page, we are going to select our "Create view".

Image of the 'Create View' link in a SharePoint Site Settings.

We are then going to select the "All items" existing view.

Image of the 'All Items' link in SharePoint Site Settings.

We are then going to name our view, set it to default, and remove the display question box, as we are grouping it by column in our next step and won’t be needed to be displayed.

Image of 'Group by' list settings in a SharePoint Site.

Once we have gotten that setup, scroll down to the Group by menu, and we are going to select Question in the First group by the column, and then scroll down and click "OK".

Image of 'Group by' list settings in a SharePoint Site.
Note: You can also do your grouping by clicking on the column and selecting Group by, unless you have columns that contain: Multiple lines of text, choice (where multiple values are allowed), hyperlinks, or images.

Populating Your List

It's now time to fill in your list, and get all your FAQs in there. To add, click on your "New" button in the top right, and enter in all the information that you may need. Once you have entered the info that is needed, click on "Save".

Image of creating a new list item in SharePoint.

When your info has been added, you are going to see that your FAQs fill out in a nice, easy-to-read, accordion format. This makes finding information super quick and easy. Your list is going to look like this:

Image of an FAQ list in a SharePoint Site.

Adding my FAQs to my SharePoint Site

Now that we have created our FAQs, and added all of the information, it's time to put it somewhere that everyone can have access to it. I am going to put it on the front page of my SharePoint site, just at the bottom, so that you can easily navigate to it, but it's not in the middle of the page. To do this, we are going to select "Edit" in the top right corner.

Image of the 'Edit Page' button on a SharePoint Site.

Then we just are going to find where we want to place our list, and then click on the "+" that shows up when we scroll our mouse over it. From there, we are going to select "List".

Image of adding the 'List' webpart in a SharePoint Site page.

Finally, select your list.

Image of adding the 'List' webpart in a SharePoint Site page, and selecting the 'FAQ' list.

Don’t forget to republish your page when you have completed this to make sure your list goes onto your page! You have now implemented your FAQ into your SharePoint site.

Use List Views to Organize Your Content

The ability to alter list views and setting them to default can allow you to provide organized information to your teams and your organization. There are quite a few different ways that you can organize your lists to provide the most amount of information. Reach out to us, and we can discuss anything and everything Microsoft.

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