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Our Partnerships

A brief description of our partner network. Keep it short and sweet.

Our Partner Network

Introduction to our partner network. Talk about the most important piece of information first. Speak in layman terms, don't try to be clever or creative, keep technical jargon to a minimum. Write for lazy readers by making the content easy to read. Use short paragraphs – four sentences max. Use short sentences – twelve words on average. Skip unnecessary words. Shorten your text.

Drive the Point Home and Add a Call-to-Action

Summarize what you just talked about above. Reiterate the potential value of the current solution relative to their business.

Add a simple call-to-action message related to the current page/topic. Avoid sounding pushy or needy. First, give them a reason (hint: value proposition above) to act, then encourage them to contact us.

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Michael Hepples

Director of Business Development

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Director of Business Development
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