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Business is Better with SharePoint

From migration and implementation to custom intranet design and development, we provide On-Prem and Online services to make your business better with SharePoint.

Drive Your SharePoint from Vision to Launch
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Drive Your SharePoint from Vision to Launch

Blueshift takes a deep dive into your organization to assess, plan, and execute the optimal SharePoint solution to serve your current and future needs.

Governance and Planning
File Management and Migration
Architecture and Design
Implementation and Development
User Adoption and Support
Custom Training

Governance and Planning

We make sure your team is well-equipped to manage your content, workflows, and user permissions.

File Management and Migration

We analyze and optimize your file structure to make sure your SharePoint migration runs as smooth as possible.

Architecture and Design

We design a solution tailored to your specific needs, with your future vision considered in every detail.

Implementation and Development

We build and test solutions rigorously to ensure optimal performance before it is released to you.

User Adoption and Support

We offer change management and adoption services tailored to your needs and the way your organization works.

Custom Training

We provide training programs for your team members that is specific to their level of experience with SharePoint.

Image of users collaborating in SharePoint from multiple devices.

Collaborate with Team Members from Any Device

Migrating files to SharePoint allows you to collaborate with your team in real-time. Find documents, make changes, and add comments to keep everyone up-to-date. Sync files to any device and securely share resources across departments or even outside your organization.

Create Rich Content that Drives Engagement

Modernize internal communications by creating rich multi-media content that get employees talking. SharePoint integrates well with Microsoft 365 apps for your team to publish rich content, discover company insights, and discuss the latest news within your organization.

Image of multimedia content in SharePoint.
Image of custom app integrations in SharePoint

Custom Apps Designed for Your Business

We develop custom apps that automate business processes by augmenting SharePoint's out-of-the-box functionality. Perfect for organizations that require bespoke solutions to run their day-to-day operations.

More on Custom Business Apps

SharePoint is the Perfect Hub for Your Digital Workplace

Branded Intranet

Create a digital workplace that represents your brand and corporate culture.

Manage and Share Content

Keep your employees engaged with information that they can trust.

Secure Collaboration

Securely work with internal and external teams with team sites.

Intelligent Search

Access the right files when you need them with a robust search feature.

Microsoft 365 Integration

Harness the power of Microsoft 365 apps to get the most out of your intranet.

Custom Business Apps

Go further with custom applications tailored to your everyday business operations.

Make Your Team Feel Right at Home with a Modern Intranet

Image of the Tundra Oil and Gas branded intranet designs.

The Pipeline

Tundra needed an intranet that looks and feels like a modern website. We created a custom branded intranet that accurately reflects their brand and culture. A versatile call-to-action web part was also developed which made it easy for content admins customize their page layouts and content.

The Pipeline intranet is now used for communication across departments as well as the new platform for collaboration for all employees.

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